Friday, April 4, 2014

5 Famous Actors Who Killed People In Real Life!


Say it is not so Matthew Broderick! Unfortunately, it is true. Back in 1987, while he was on vacation in Finland, Mr. Broderick accidentally drove the BMW, he was renting at the time, head on into a Volvo; which was carrying a mother and her daughter. Both women died due to the accident. Matthew Broderick, on the hand, survived and only had a broken leg. Now, due to Matthew Broderick claiming absentia, he did not have to pay any liabilities due to such negligence.


Rebecca Gayheart, very well known as the face of Noxzema back in the 90s, in 2001 was involved in a motorist accident in which she struck and ran over a 9-year old boy while she was driving in the city streets of central Los Angeles. The boy was killed and she settled out of court for the boys parents who sued her for wrongful death. And 
that was that! 


On August 20, 1976, after being incarcerated beginning since the age of 12, and being paroled for serving time for manslaughter, Charles S. Dutton decided to change his life and went on to star in well known varying movies; one of which was the big-budget Aline 3 movie. And had his own short lived comedy sitcom called "Roc's".  


In 2008 Lillo Brancato Jr, seeing here in this pic being directed by Robert Deniro, and better known for his role in season 2 on the hit HBO series "The Sopranos" and the leading role character in the 1993 mobster film "A Bronx Tale"  as well as the limo driver in the Alicia Keys and Usher collaboration song "My Boo" music video; was sentenced to 10 years in prison for taking part in a botched  2005 home robbery in the Bronx which left an off duty police officer dead. He is eligible for parole in 2014. 



"Prison Break" actor Lane Garrison, seeing here in a very festive mood, was responsible for the death of a 17-year old passenger of the SUV he was driving at the time, when he crashed the vehicle. Toxicology reports showed, at the time the incident, Mr. Garrison had alcohol in his system to the point of being considered drunk and coke. He only got a 40
months(3 years and 4 months) prison sentence. 


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